Ralph, aka Skill Up, is one of YouTube’s most watched gaming commentators and critics. Based in Australia, Skill Up made the jump from corporate life to gaming content creator 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Ralph covers big AAA releases but is equally passionate about the indie scene, providing news, previews, reviews and commentary to some 10m viewers a month. 

“Every day we see the effects of cancer on those around us. Sometimes we feel its effects on those closest to us. The fight feels endless and it shouldn’t be that way. That’s what drew me to Game on Cancer. I like the idea of researchers trying to end the fight once and for all. That’s why I’m so proud to support the work that Game On Cancer is doing”

Back Pocket

If you’re a fan of video games and you live in Australia, then you’re likely very familiar with the Back Pocket team already. With decades of combined gaming, production and live broadcast experience Gus, Pete & Steph have been pillars of the video game community down under (and beyond) for what feels like forever! Follow them below and see why we’re stoked to have them on board as Game On Cancer® Ambassadors!

“As part of the gaming community, we face challenges in games but nothing like the challenge thousands of Australians faces every day. Back Pocket is proud to be a Game On Cancer® Ambassador and help fund this invaluable research in Australia.”
~ Back Pocket

Miss Molly Makes

Miss Molly Makes is one of only a few Aussie dedicated cooking channels on Twitch, co-created and ran by Molly and Exceede. They are passionate about removing the barriers of entry into the kitchen and supporting everyone to get making! Pull up a chair and share in the food love as they make delicious home-style food and recreations of food items from games, movies & cuisines.

Working with Game on Cancer gives us the confidence to fundraise in support of cancer research indiscriminately. When considering charities to align with in the past, we’ve been concerned that by supporting one with a more individual focus, it’s seen as not supporting others that we also care about. With Game on Cancer’s transparency about where the community’s money is going, we can fundraise proudly to help make so many lives so much better.

Jeff Cannata

Jeff Cannata is creator of some of the internet’s most enduring programming, including the Webby Award winning variety series Totally Rad Show, the Podcast Award winning science podcast We Have Concerns, and the wildly popular pop culture shows, DLC, Dungeon Run, The Filmcast, among many others. He’s worked on ABC, CBS, NBC, Hulu, G4TV, CNET, and has garnered a passionate fanbase drawn to his infectious positivity. 

“As someone who believes strongly in science education and making the world a better place, I’m proud to be an Ambassador for Game On Cancer®. I’ve long known the gaming community to be incredibly generous and supportive, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share Game On Cancer®’s mission with my audience.”

Peter Burns

Peter is a video producer and director of photography with nearly a decade of experience at Australian free-to-air channels and as a freelancer for commercial clients. He has an extensive history in popular culture material, specifically video game-related content.

Gus Ronald

Gus ‘Goose’ Ronald has been a presenter and creator in the Australian video game scene since 2011. He has worked both in front and behind the camera on multiple shows for a range of audiences, including ABC TV’s ‘Good Game / Spawn Point’ regular game streams for Ubisoft Global and as one of the hosts of the Australian variety video game channel ‘Back Pocket’ 

Through his work, he has had the joy of meeting and working alongside many talented and wonderful members of the Australian gaming community (and is almost as passionate about being an Ambassador for Game On Cancer® as he is about his collection of retro Nintendo consoles!)

Stephanie Bendixsen

Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen is an Australian television presenter, speaker, partnered Twitch broadcaster and author. In addition to her work as a presenter, she produces branded content for social media and regularly live streams on Twitch. Stephanie has also written a series of fiction books for children: Pixel Raiders, published by Scholastic Australia.