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Announcement: Cure Cancer and Game On Cancer Unveils Refreshed Brand

Cure Cancer, the 56-year old organisation dedicated to funding the brightest new ideas in cancer research, is thrilled to announce the launch of its rebranding initiative.

Cure Cancer is dedicated to funding the top 1 per cent of bright new research focused on tackling the disease; from talented emerging scientists – whose bold ideas are breaking new ground.  

Recognising the dynamic nature of philanthropy, Cure Cancer realized the importance of evolving, adapting, and effectively communicating with its expanding audience.

“At Cure Cancer, we have undoubtedly faced challenging times, particularly in recent years with the bushfires and the onset of COVID-19 that greatly impacted the healthcare industry and non-profit organisations like ours,” says Nikki Kinloch, CEO of Cure Cancer. “This humbling experience has taught us resilience and forward-thinking. As an organisation that champions brave new ideas, we understand the importance of communicating to people in different circumstances in a way that is relevant and authentic to them.” 

The core mission of Cure Cancer remains steadfast – a world where we can cure cancer. However, to realise this bold ambition, the organisation is now strengthening its voice to grow their reach and engage as many donors from as many different communities as possible.  

Nikki Kinloch, Cure Cancer CEO said: “This year, we’ve funded 13 ground-breaking cancer research projects across multiple cancer types, thanks to the generosity of our community, who have enabled us to bring these new ideas to life in record time. Our base of donors has grown 190% since 2018, both in Australia and overseas. As a result of this additional fundraising revenue, for 2024, we are making a commitment to increase our researcher funding by 50%”.  

“To realise this”, Nikki continues, “we have been investing in the support of pro-bono partnerships, technology, market research and brand. Every dollar in support of our growth has been allocated with careful consideration, to ensure the best use of our supporters’ donations in the long-term.” 

To revitalise its brand strategy and narrative, Cure Cancer partnered with Principals, who helped capture and communicate the organisation’s compelling story.

Principals Creative Director Martin Hopkins said: “The new brand helps to bring to life Cure Cancer’s new brand position. It’s bold, exciting and engaging as it captures the ambition of the organisation and the innovation and optimism that permeates its work.” 

Cure Cancer, Head of Marketing Joanne de la Mare said;” We are making our voice stronger, and more customer focused, so that we can reach and engage more donors across different communities. It doesn’t matter where you are from or who you are -cancer can affect you and your family. By kick-starting bright new ideas that have the biggest impact to cancer research, across every cancer, we know we can change this.” As our movement grows, we hope that our supporters will continue to help us save millions more lives. We can bring about real positive change by working together. Our brand refresh speaks to this and will also help us to achieve our important goals.”  


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