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Announcement: Game On Cancer® integrates Tiltify with Crowd Control!

Get Ready to Game for a Good Cause with Game On Cancer’s Tiltify and Crowd Control Integration

To date, Cure Cancer’s Game On Cancer® community, one of the leading charity initiatives in the Australian gaming industry, has raised over $750,000 AUD for vital cancer research. Previous Game On Cancer® fundraisers have included some of Australia’s largest names in gaming like Loserfruit, Aliythia, Bajo and AussieAntics.  

Cure Cancer is dedicated entirely to funding early career researchers and to date has provided over 550 research grants to young scientists with ground-breaking innovative ideas, many who have gone on to become leaders in cancer research globally. To enhance their fundraising efforts, Game On Cancer has recently integrated their Tiltify platform with Crowd Control.

Crowd Control is a tool that allows viewers to interact with streamers by using virtual currency (coins) to make requests, such as changing the streamer’s character or adding obstacles to their game. By integrating Crowd Control with Tiltify, Game On Cancer can now offer even more engaging and interactive gaming events to their community while still raising money for their cause.

If you’re a fan of Game On Cancer or just looking for a fun way to support cancer patients and their families, keep an eye out for their upcoming gaming events featuring Crowd Control. By donating and using Crowd Control, you can make a real impact on the lives of those affected by cancer. And, of course, have some fun while doing it!

Here’s how it works:

First, head over to the Tiltify page and sign up to fundraise. Once you’ve followed the steps outlined through Tiltify, you can head on over to Crowd Control and continue your integration setup there. Once someone has made a donation, they’ll receive a certain amount of virtual currency (coins) that they can use to interact with you during your gameplay. The more they donate, the more coins they’ll receive, giving them even more opportunities to make requests and impact your game and stream.

Throughout your gameplay, your community will have the opportunity to utilise their coins to make requests through Crowd Control. This allows them to alter various aspects of the game, such as increasing the height of their character’s jumps, decreasing their speed, or modifying their appearance. You will receive these requests as they come in, and must quickly react to them, which adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the overall gameplay experience!

Overall, Game On Cancer’s integration of Tiltify with Crowd Control is an innovative and engaging way to support our cause. By donating and using Crowd Control during their gaming events, you can help fund cancer research and provide resources for those in need. So, gather your virtual currency and get ready to have some fun while making a difference!

Read more about Tiltify’s Crowd Control integration here.


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