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Community Spotlight – Cameron (Shadowless Edge)

As a volunteer at Game On Cancer, Cam is a highly valued member of our team and has helped us and our community to achieve amazing things! Cam also streams and is a part of the HallOfGamersPod group, delivering fascinating content to their community!

What’s the first game you ever remember playing?

Being a product of the 90’s, I remember when I was very little my dad brought home a Nintendo 64, 007: Goldeneye and Banjo Kazooie. We often joke about him playing through Goldeneye that entire first night, then going to work exhausted the next day. He said he realised how addicting it would be and gave it to me!

What is your favourite game currently?

I really can’t settle on any one game as I’m constantly rotating through to get as many achievements as possible. However, some games that I have recently been playing include Driver: San Francisco as it includes an interesting mechanic where you can shift into other cars, as well as a really polished battle royale game called Spellbreak that mixes magic gauntlets to create interesting combos. For a long story made short, if it has achievements, I’ve probably either played it or plan to.

What is Hall of Gamers?

Hall of Gamers is a community centred around a weekly podcast that discusses achievement hunting, Xbox news and interviews. Originally, we started with Mat/Neomaster (#1 in ANZ for Gamerscore, myself (most Game Pass games played in Australia) but have since added Charlotte into the mix to get a fresh perspective for those new to achievement hunting.

As a community we very much celebrate in each other’s accomplishments, whether it be a completed game, hitting a percentage of games completed, hitting a Gamerscore goal or even just sharing a personal goal. Plus, we have a song of the week segment to kick off each episode, where we take popular songs and put our own mix on things!

What’s been one of your biggest or most exciting achievements streaming?

As I’m a relatively new streamer I would have to say doing the 12-hour livestream on Hall of Gamers. To see our community come together and raise over $1,600 was quite honestly astonishing and I have never been so proud of my co-hosts as well as the community for the support we received that night.

Who in the video game industry (or which game character) inspires you?

As I’m fortunate enough to work remotely for a game publisher out of Singapore I have to say my co-workers in the community and marketing department. It really is a team effort and I’m very fortunate to work with people with so many strengths in what they do.

What are your other hobbies?

Outside of gaming most of my time is spent up being a father to my wonderful daughter. Lately we’ve really got into building Lego after going to a fair two months back, so she is really enjoying that and seeing that your kid is happy because you are working on building something together is the best feeling in the world.

Other then that I just like to tinker with designing and making stuff. I am very much an individual that learns by doing and I always enjoy finding out processes and how to perfect stuff, whether it be overlays, memes or even shirts.

Why is supporting cancer research important to you?

I doubt there’s anyone out there who’s life hasn’t been affected by Cancer in some way. Like many I’ve watched it destroy the lives of people I’ve cared about and witnessed the devastating impact it has on surrounding family and friends. But I’ve also seen how far we’ve come in battling this condition year after year, and I’m hopeful that with more incredible work and research being done we could in fact be the first generation to witness the end of this deadly disease.

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