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Community Spotlight – Glimmerman

Go.To Games Glimmerman sits down and walks us through their career in gaming and their absolute love for 4WD and custom PC’s!

What’s the first game you remember playing? 

First game ever was Alex Kidd in Miracle World on the SEGA Master System, when if no game cartridge was installed it would play the built in Alexx Kidd.

What is your favourite game currently?

Currently really enjoying Valheim

What’s been one of your biggest achievements?

Hitting over 500 followers across the different platforms was definitely a great feeling

Who in the video game industry inspires you?

I started streaming after watching Dr Disrespect and how entertaining his productions are online and wanted to give it a go myself, my kids also watch a lot of creators on YouTube like PrestonPlayz and the hours of entertainment they provide the kids (and myself) is very inspiring.

What are your other hobbies?

I enjoy 4 wheel driving and camping, building custom gaming PC’s from older computers that businesses are just throwing away and upcycling old tech as much as possible, 3D printing and painting miniatures, tabletop RPG games

Why is supporting cancer research so important to you?

I know many people who have been affected by it, thankfully the people who I personally know survived, my wife at a very young age lost her father to cancer and to be able to stop anyone suffering from this would be amazing.

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