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Community Spotlight – Miss Molly Makes

Miss Molly Makes and Exceede are Australian Twitch streamers and proud ambassadors of Game On Cancer!

What got you into cooking?

Molly’s farming family would often come together over food and had an ‘open door policy’ to encourage everyone to pull up a chair. From a very young age she loved how food brought people together and its ability to transport you through space and time, reliving old memories and creating new ones.

Whilst mostly self taught through experience, cooking shows and books, Molly’s cousin & eldest brother are trained chefs which helped kickstart her culinary journey.

What got you into streaming?

For years we would have Twitch gaming streams on but it wasn’t until moving interstate (Perth to Melbourne, but we’re back in Perth now) that Miss Molly Makes came to life. We had more time as we were away from many friends & family and ended up casually browsing through Twitch channels one night. We were shocked to see people cooking live as at the time there was no Food & Drink category so we had no idea it was a thing!

Almost immediately it was clear that with Molly’s cooking skills and Exceede’s passion for technology, we wanted to try our hand at a high quality, educational, fun cooking show.

To date, what has been your biggest achievement or most exciting event?

We’ve had some incredible opportunities in our short streaming life already that we wouldn’t have believed possible not so long ago. A few highlights would be:

  • Cooking panel at QuakeCon 2021
  • Hosting a cook-off for UberEats
  • Self Publishing two cookbooks

But we’re most proud of the impact we see in the community. Moments like being able to teach parents how to bake a cake so they can make it for the first time for their child’s birthday is very memorable for us. Our ethos is to encourage people to get in the kitchen and have fun, so it’s very special to us whenever someone gets out of their comfort zone and starts making. We love being there for that.

What is your favourite dish you’ve created?

Always the hardest question! We have a love for lots of different foods so it’s so difficult to narrow it down. A big part of MissMollyMakes is themed food and we’re very proud of some of the more technical dishes we’ve created such as the Zangarmarsh Cupcake or Hearthstone Pack Cake.

Outside of themed foods, Molly’s cheesecakes have always been a big hit with friends and family, as well as the secretive Molly Fried Chicken. There are SO many breakfast dishes we love… see, this question is so hard!

Why are you passionate about supporting cancer research?

Both of our lives have been touched by cancer and know how hard it is for families to work through. As a nurse, Molly has seen firsthand the truly life changing results of cancer research and knows the real difference it makes for real people. Cancer research is not cheap or quick and the whole idea of it really highlights how strong we are in numbers – every contribution goes towards something bigger, with great impact.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

We have this scary and exciting goal of hosting in-person cooking events/courses and it would be very fulfilling to take this idea to multiple cities so that everyone can get involved. We hope to be able to travel and present a food travel show, highlighting different foods from many different cultures and being able to share that live with a global audience.

Be sure to follow Miss Molly Makes on Twitter to see all the awesome work she and Exceede do with their beautiful community!


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