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Community Spotlight – Nicktacula

Meet Nicktacula! One of our community fundraisers and tech enthusiasts, Nick chats to us about his love for all things gaming and pop culture!

What’s the first game you remember playing? 

The first game I remember playing was a dented copy of Pokemon Blue, on the original Game Boy. The dent is significant because it affected the cartridges save capabilities, so as a 4/5 year old kid I remember trying to get as far as I could with each play session since it didn’t save or sometimes leaving the charge cable plugged in overnight XD

What are some of your all-time favourite games?

Oh man without a doubt the Halo series is at the top. Closely followed by Pokemon. But other standouts for me are Outer Wilds, Persona 5, To the Moon and The Witcher 3.

What’s been one of your biggest or most exciting achievements?

I got into content creation because of 3 things. My love of entertaining, my passion for creativity and my enjoyment of helping. In the many years I’ve been creating content, I’ve come a long way. As a person and creator. I used to think I was a background character, who wouldn’t really achieve anything or do anything great in my life. But that changed once I began the path of creating content. I’ve been so lucky and proud to have done a lot of great things over the years, but for me, the biggest achievements have to be, raising over $4000 in one fundraiser for Game On Cancer and over $14k total for charities in general. I’ve gotten to a position where I can really help do some good and its such an amazing feeling. I’m still stunned looking back at those numbers. The community has been absolutely incredible. Blessed to be a catalyst to direct funds where they are needed, and putting my body on the line with hot sauce in the process. On top of this, as an Xbox gamer for many years, since the start of the 360 era, to then be in the position where I helped launched the Xbox Series S and X consoles with Xbox ANZ was literally unbelievable. Getting a Series S 2 weeks early and creating content about it to hype up the launch, truly something I will never forget.

Who in the video game industry (or which game character) inspires you?

I originally got into content creation after being inspired by the likes of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. Sure they were/are big creators. But what stood out to me was, their ability to bring their energy and personality to millions of people around the world. Entertaining them, brightening their day, and doing a lot of good as both of them have done incredible charity work. I wanted to do the same. I loved entertaining and having fun so I wanted to bring that to people the way they brought that to me.

What are your other hobbies?

As a general big nerd I of course love my Marvel and Star Wars, so I enjoy watching shows like that and getting invested. but I absolutely LOVE anime. Huge weeb so anime is a big past time for my partner and I. I watch a lot of tech videos on YouTube. Tech is a hobby and a content focus. But I’m also a big Yu-Gi-Oh nerd. Not only do I stream it from time to time but I actively engage with it personally as well. I’ve recently found a card shop nearby who have super friendly staff and friendly regulars so I’m planning to start going there every now and again to play at local tournaments!

Why is supporting cancer research important to you?

Cancer has touched my life with 3 different people. But even before it did, I knew and saw how awful cancer is. Advancements in technology and medicine have come so far but cancer is still a thorn in our side as a society. Yes we have developed remedies to mitigate it and sometimes it works. But not always. Cancer isn’t a result of someones health choices throughout their life, its a result of being real fricken unlucky. And when it touched 3 different people in my life, it was awful. Thankfully 2 of the 3 have beaten it but, its tough. More funding for research means bringing more hands on deck. More resources, funding for newer, more advanced equipment. I want cancer to be a thing of the past. It will take time, but together I know we can make that happen.

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