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Community Spotlight – The Squad Fathers ( game)

The Squad Fathers are a group of Gamer Dad friends coming together to game, stream and talk about all things life. They work alongside Jack Hudson at – the place for gaming influencers, promotion management and end to end video game marketing. The Squad Fathers are also content creators who have been raising money for cancer research during the Holiday Spectacular!

What’s the first game you ever remember playing?

Being “old guys”, the first game we remember was “Alex Kidd”. This game came out in 1988 but we remember playing it on our early consoles in 1990.

What is your favourite game currently?

The market is in a big transition right now so it’s tough to say one game. We would have to say Apex Legends as it’s our main stream game but also looking a little older and Rust is one we keep going back to.

What’s been one of your biggest or most exciting achievements?

We would have to say obtaining Facebook Partner status. Although we have since moved to a multi-stream format, we set out to focus on Facebook and obtain partnership and we did so in about a year. It was a moment of joy for us all.

What is your day-to-day like at game?

Each day you have to check the discord. The information about sponsors, gaming news and updates is critical for success.

Who in the video game industry inspires you?

There are so many aspects to the industry each with their own elite people. Game design it’s hard to look past Hideo Kojima. Stream wise we look at people who have their own style and pushed towards success like Pestily, SonteMountain64 and even our Goto.Game guru JackHuddo.

What are your other hobbies?

Cars….. yeah sadly we are car guys. It’s how we all originally met through our love of cars and racing. We may have gotten older but we still have that passion for nice cars and motorsports in general.

Why is supporting cancer research important to you?

As his main job, Squad Father Browny owns and runs a medical clinic focusing their support towards cancer and blood cancers. Supporting and helping their patients through this tough time is the core of the business and something they deal with every day. Finding a cure or even ways to manage Cancer better would change the lives of the patients. 

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