Ideas you may want to try

Stream something you enjoy!

Stream something you enjoy! Whether it be a competitive game, cooking or just chatting, do what you do best! Your viewers love you for you and will support your fundraiser if you’re having a blast while doing it.

Know the cause!

set up auto message

Make use of custom commands

Use moderation bots, like NightBot, to create commands such as !donate to direct viewers to your fundraising page for donations. Empower your viewers to support your fundraiser while you focus on your stream! You can also gamify this – for example, a !fact command could signal nightbot to pick a random fact from a custom list you create, making your stream even more engaging for viewers!

Set up auto messages

Also through your bot, you can have messages appear in your chat regularly to direct people to the Game On Cancer website, give more info on the cause or your reason for fundraising and direct viewers to your fundraising page.


Stream with friends!

If you have other friends who want to support the cause, why not boot up your favourite multiplayer game and stream together? Turn it into a team effort and have some fun!

Involve your viewers

Whether it be a custom tournament in your favourite FPS or an interactive social game, get your viewers to participate in the fun! If playing with viewers isn’t an option, you can always create ways they can affect your stream via donations e.g. donate $25 or more to change a keybind or increase mouse sensitivity. Get creative!


Visually showcase your fundraiser

Making your fundraiser obvious to your viewers is a really easy way to drive awareness while you stream. You could include the Game On Cancer logo on your overlay, and a donation bar is exciting to watch as your fundraiser progresses!

Set milestones to incentivise donations!

Maybe you do a dare at every $100 mark, like eating a chilli or drinking some soy sauce? Maybe you colour your hair? Maybe you have in-game items you want to give away to donors? However you want to do it is up to you, so long as you’re having fun!


Promote your fundraiser on social media and ask your friends to get involved!

Social media can be a powerful tool for promotion and your friends and network will love to get the word around about a fundraiser so they can support you.

Every donation counts!

Remember that at the end of the day, every contribution matters and we’re grateful to have your support. Whether you have a little or a large following, you raise $1 or $1000, everything counts towards finding a cure and we’re so incredibly appreciative of any effort, big or small!

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