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GenerOZity partners with Cure Cancer to raise $50,000

Leading Australian creators PandaTV, LuckyBonez, TheMonolith, have volunteered to help raise money for cancer research

GenerOZity, a charity organisation that puts on regular live streamed events involving some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest content creators, has partnered with Cure Cancer for GenerOZity 11. Gaming content creators will be livestreaming to raise funds for cancer research starting June 1st, with a fundraising goal of $50,000 in the month-long campaign.

Creators including PandaTVLuckyBonez, and TheMonolith will stream on GenerOZity’s Twitch channel, with the creator schedule to be confirmed soon on GenerOZity’s Twitter. Those looking to donate in June can do so through the GenerOZity website. Those who tune into the charity stream will have a chance to win prizes from participating sponsors.

To date, GenerOZity has raised $317,344.52 for charities, such as Cure Cancer Australia, Childsplay Charity, Checkpoint Organisation, and Fire & Rescue Services (RFS/CFA), with 100% of each donation going to the chosen charity.

GenerOZity Director Joel Rennie said, “Everyone volunteers their time, we don’t make a cent off of donations which go completely to supporting amazing charities like Cure Cancer. Everyone who donates, watches, likes our content, follows, retweets, subscribes, chats, lurks, emotes in chat – literally everyone involved makes GenerOZity what it is.”

Cure Cancer CEO Nikki Kinloch said, “Over the last three years, GenerOzity and their dedicated community have raised an incredible $103,000 for Cure Cancer. This wonderful achievement has helped to fund over a year of cutting edge innovative cancer research.

The support of GenerOzity is vital in helping young cancer researchers pursue their ground-breaking projects – currently only 5% of researchers receive government funding, causing many researchers to leave Australia to pursue opportunities abroad or leave research altogether. Over the last year, we have funded three Cure Cancer researchers that are going or have already gone into clinical trials. The gaming community’s generosity is making a difference.”


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