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Superhero Streamers Assemble!

STREAMtember launches on September 1st and we showcase three of our Superhero Streamers who streamed for a cure!

Is that a bird? Is it a plane? It’s our Superhero Streamers soaring as they help us in our mission to make this the last generation to die from cancer. 

Since the launch of the campaign, we’ve had 22 streamers sign up and show us their superpowers online through exciting live sessions. Together, they’ve raised an incredible $9,614 for our own superheroes – the brilliant cancer researchers we support.


Our first Superhero Streamer, Christopher (Christophroar), helped kick off the campaign with a thrilling gaming live-stream! 

I was interested in gaming at an early age,’ he says, ‘but I truly took an interest in it when I felt the first rush of multiplayer LAN (Local Area Network) action. I play a lot of Rainbow Six Siege but also Warzone and Valorant.’

His reason for joining Superhero Streamers? ‘Every bit of support towards cancer research brings us one day closer to eliminating it for good. For anyone else who joins, just remember to have fun, your positivity will become contagious.’


As a long time gamer, Sarah’s motto when it comes to streaming is ‘Focus on having fun and try your best to make everyone in your community feel welcome.’

With an online presence as Artemis, it’s a motto that she clearly exemplifies as her recent superhero-themed baking live stream, hosted with her friend Ally, raised $5,120 for Cure Cancer. 

For her, cancer research is an important cause having been personally affected by it. ‘Three of my grandparents had cancer, and two of them – although they were so strong and brave – were unable to ultimately beat the disease. They were both very difficult times for my family and it’s an experience that is unfortunately shared amongst many.’

‘It’s important to contribute and support cancer research to find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the terrible disease. Almost everybody has some sort of experience with the disease – whether it’s personally, or through someone in their family or community.’


Hosting a live stream can be a daunting experience, but for Jake (Amodillo), he decided to go all out and do an online hair shave for cancer research. 

Whilst many people would be anxious during a live hair cut, Jake was feeling a different emotion: happiness. ‘I’m always happy when I’m in my setup, playing games and interacting with my community. Even if the game tilts me sometimes. I was extra thankful during the fundraiser stream seeing my community rally to support such a great cause.’

‘Cancer is a horrible thing and I want to help in any way possible to find a way to beat it. I would love to see the day that cancer is a thing of the past and not a single person has to deal with it again.’

His hair shave stream raised an amazing $1,160 for our inspiring cancer researchers. 


Thank you to our Superhero Streamers for their incredible support and we’ve loved seeing all their wonderful superpowers.

If you’re interested in becoming a Cure Cancer Superhero Streamer, register today for STREAMtember and show us your superpowers from September 1-30. Whether it’s singing, cooking or even a trivia session, we want to see it! 

Let’s Cure Cancer together.


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