Community Spotlight

$46.7k raised in December for Cure Cancer

It really was Game On Cancer® last month as the gaming community united to put up a fight and raise funds for research.  

The Game On Cancer®: Holiday Spectacular campaign ran from December 1 to 25, with the aim to raise as much money as possible for cancer research, with the support of our incredible partners, ambassadors and community of creators.  

Camomo_10 raised funds during his streams as a Rust admin catching cheaters, whilst RykonGamingAU switched his keyboard out for a dance mat and boogied his way through Middle-Earth. 


Bethesda supported the cause with its 8-hour Holiday Special stream, featuring plenty of gameplay, and guesting Rob Whittaker for some ESO action, as well as Shane and Morgan to speak to speak to Cure Cancer’s amazing work and cook up a storm (did someone say bugs??). 

Things got competitive when PAX Australia joined forces with the Game On Cancer® team to stream some Jackbox party games and $1220 was raised.  


BlueBird Rivals also put together a Rocket League tournament, raising $5,000. The tournament featured 8 pro teams, including the Dire Wolves and Team Bliss (who donated $25 for every goal their players scored), and some big names, such as Evample, Thanovic and Modest Pelican.


The incredible Back Pocket community supported the Holiday Spectacular on their weekly show, raising a whopping $8,555!

AusSpeedruns streamed an information panel on speedrunning to support the Holiday Spectacular and we learnt a lot! Koch Media ANZ and GameOnAUS teamed up to drive through the night in Gear Club Unlimited 2 to raise funds, Esports Media House ran a special podcast and thanks to a pre-release from Good Games Aus, PandaTV supported the campaign with some Crimson Vow action. 

Our community streamers did a spectacular job (pun intended) – Mag6 rocked some Rainbow Six Siege, ZacSpeaksGiant had an incredible line up for some D&D one shots and TheLadyAthena streamed a spicy noodle challenge. 

Huge shout out to all of our streamers – you were the backbone of the Holiday Spectacular and we’re so grateful for the effort you put into your streams: x_Moth_, its_aryaj, jazz199, StarMystique, endunc, ClassyConvict, Squeasel92, Hunkratti, GdayKoala, jaclynmay_, AdrianeTempest, NeonMirah, YTvJayyy, 1_1snailxd, wattannajr, Magic_Casts and QueenMorgie

Overall, we’re so proud with how the Holiday Spectacular went and want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved! $46.7k will fund a cancer researcher for almost half a year, contributing hugely to the progress in the field and help us to work towards a cure. 

We’re very grateful for your support and we’re looking forward to a bigger 2022!


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