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Bethesda Holiday Special goes live to support cancer research

On December 16, 2021, Bethesda went live with an 8-hour long Holiday Special stream, raising funds for Cure Cancer.

With some MASSIVE titles, including the Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, DOOM and Dishonored, Bethesda is a leader in the gaming industry and we were so lucky to have them onboard as a part of our Holiday Spectacular!

The Holiday Special has a jam-packed schedule, including an introduction with Shane, plenty of gameplay, a guest appearance from former UFC Middleweight Champion, Rob Whittaker, and ESO and Fallout cooking segments, Bethesda raised $2,070 during the stream, followed up with their own massive $5,000 donation!

Kicking the content off, the devs jumped on for some Elder Scrolls Online action as they explained their roles and talked all things ESO with the chat, providing a great insight into the game and the work that has gone into it.

New Life Cooking Show

We watched as Morgan joined the ANZ Community Managers, Kim and Jonny for an Elder Scrolls Online New Life cooking show.

Recipes were provided by MissMollyMakes (check her out, she’s amazing!), including an Ouroboros Wreath, an Alcaire Festival Sword-Pie, ESO New Life cookies and of course, the Snow-Bear Glow Wine.

Kim made a wicked Glow Wine, Morgan managed to shape a Guar out of cookie dough and MasterChef Jonny saved the day with his perfectly cooked Wreath (the resemblance to the Ouroboros was uncanny!)

Skyrim with Rob Whittaker

The fun didn’t stop as Rob Whittaker took to a mouse and keyboard to play the Skyrim: Anniversary Edition and we came face-to-face with Robert The Reaper, a mod in Skyrim fully voiced by Rob Whittaker himself.

It was all fun and games until the $2,000 donation milestone was hit and Kim had to take one for the team and down a spoonful of the Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Hot Sauce of Oblivion.

Rated 600,000 Scoville’s and a 10/10 spicy score (that’s deadly HOT), we watched Jonny take a hit at the $1,000 donation milestone earlier in the stream and it did NOT look like fun.

However, keen for a challenge, Rob Whittaker tilts the bottle and takes a swig without blinking an eye, then returns to the controller to soldier on, what a champ!

Fallout 76 Cooking Challenge

There’s more cooking to come later in the stream as Kim and Jonny are joined again by Morgan, as well as variety streamer and host/presenter, Jessie James (A.K.A – GeekGG) for a Fallout 76 cooking challenge.

The recipe from MissMollyMakes this time was for pepperoni rolls, HOWEVER, only the ingredients were available, not the method, so Kim, Jonny, Morgan and Jessie took turns and had to use their intuition, or risk spinning a wheel of random ingredients in order to get the next step to the recipe.

Usually pepperoni rolls wouldn’t have hommus in them, nor would there be any crushed up corn chips or tuna.

But as Kim requested the next step, the wheel was spun and lo and behold, the surprise ingredient was CRICKETS.

Not phased by this, Kim let out a scream as Jessie and Morgan cheersed crickets and crunched down (they are quite nutty, I might add) and into the dough they went, as well as a finishing topper as Jonny Salt-Bae sprinkled them on top of the rolls (and the floor).

The Holiday Special also featured some amazing community streamers and content creators during the Mates of Oblivion Community Session, as well as some fun for the audience as Bethesda gave away a beautiful Sanguine Rose to a lucky winner in the chat!

Overall, the Holiday Special was an incredible effort from the team at Bethesda ANZ.

A total of $7,070 was raised, including Bethesda’s contribution, having a massive impact on our Holiday Spectacular campaign.

We’re very grateful for Bethesda’s support and are looking forward to what they have planned next!


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