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BlueBird Rivals raise $5k in Spectacular Rocket League tournament

On December 17, 2021, BlueBird Rivals hosted a 3v3 Rocket League tournament in support of the Game On Cancer®: Holiday Spectacular, with a target of $5,000.

BlueBird Rivals, a subsidiary of BlueBird RP, host esports tournaments to engage and develop the Oceania gaming community.

The tournament was split into two events; the first being an invitational only bash of some of Oceania’s best Rocket League players (hosted on the BlueBird Rivals Twitch channel), and the second an open event for all those who wished to compete (hosted on the GameOnCancer Twitch channel).

The Invitational Only Event

The line up for the invitational only event was filled by some incredible casters, with a rotation happening between MonyOCE_, ActuallyMuntz, yumi_cheeseman, hyferia and MachtFisch, and they had us in stitches (how many times can a caster really weave “!donate” into a sentence or segway cleanly into a CTA?).

The casters did a brilliant job of not only keeping up with the high intensity of the gameplay, but keeping the chat and community entertained, AS WELL AS relaying information about Cure Cancer and the importance of the research, what champs (sorry, grand champs)!

BlueBird Rivals also did an incredible job with the invitational only team line up, with PanikGaming, RancidRatsReborn, Wazoo, Tisi, TeamBliss_ES, DireWolves, TeamErosGG and BanditsESC set to battle it out for the number one spot.

A massive contribution was made by Team Bliss, who donated $775 ($25 per goal for all 31 goals scored) and put up such an incredible fight right down until the final match, but the Juicd Bandits came away victorious for the event.

The Open Event

Two amazing casters were also secured in the high spirited RLfoxxy and HVCLuc for the open event, so another big thank you for your speedy commentary and for engaging the community on our channel!

Worcestershire esports made it to the grand final but dak mang dao took out the victory in an epic show of resilience and skill.

Both events kept us on our toes as we witnessed an impressive demonstration of talent in the Oceania Rocket League community.

The Show Match

On top of this, as a break in the invitational event, BlueBird put together a show match with two worthy teams battling it out for some pizza and garlic bread for the best goal (now who WOULDN’T fight for that?).

Evamples Soldiers, featuring Modest Pelican, Evample2 and Thanovic, took on Meat Lovers, which saw zenulous, Leviathan and highest donor and Owner of BlueBird ScarAus win in the best of 3, earning themselves a well deserved pizza and Leviathan and zenulous the garlic bread for a wicked team pinch scored during the second match!

After 6 hours of the tournaments, $2,231 had been raised by the community and by Team Bliss (a huge thank you also goes out to doofusviper for matching the first $500 raised!), followed by two incredibly generous donations from BlueBird Rivals to bring the total to $5,000!

Huge shout out to the BlueBird Rivals team – Scar, Payback, Jimi, Zodiac and JayAU for running this event.

We’re incredibly grateful for all of the time and effort you put in and for bringing together such an amazing crew of casters and players – what a show!

A thank you also goes out to doofusviper for your involvement and support throughout the event and all of the planning, as well as Lethalforlife for bringing us into contact with the team at BlueBird Rivals, and for all your effort in bringing in the casters and helping to make this happen!

What a spectacular night this was and we can’t wait to work with you again in future!


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