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Community Spotlight – Gus Ronald (Back Pocket)

An editor with over ten years of experience cutting a mix of traditional media including long-form drama, short films and commercials that look better than the products they’re selling. He also excels at spitting out fast and flashy edits that can maintain the attention span of today’s less discerning online audience and of course, is a part of the Back Pocket crew!

What’s the first game you ever remember playing?

Impossible Mission on the C64. It was a puzzle platformer that required you to piece together and decrypt passwords while avoiding deadly robots – plus you were racing against a timer that penalized you 10min each time you failed. It was super stressful and I never successfully accomplished the mission 🙁 

What is your favourite game currently?

I’m currently playing a lot of Roller Champions. I love fast-paced competitive multiplayer games and this is certainly scratching that itch! (plus I get to kit out in ridiculously fabulous outfits)

What’s been one of your biggest or most exciting achievements at Back Pocket?

Funnily enough, I’m super proud of our mascot “Pockety” When we came up with the idea to create a new type of show I wanted the branding to reflect our casual nature and good vibes. So instead of a regular logo, we decided we needed a mascot we could theme however we wanted. Since coming up with the initial design I’ve created countless weird and wonderful variations that have kept us and our audience laughing.

Who in the video game industry inspires you?

I’m always blown away by solo developers that manage to create entire games from scratch by themselves (or small teams). Creators like Toby Fox (Undertale) and Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable) Wayne Petzler (Birdsketball) The sheer talent needed to build every single element on screen and then code it all to work AND be an entertaining experience is inspiring.

What are your other hobbies?

I try to jump in the ocean as much as possible (with my surfboard preferably) Or follow my many neglected creative pursuits like painting, sketching & even woodworking.

Why is supporting cancer research important to you?

I doubt there’s anyone out there who’s life hasn’t been affected by Cancer in some way. Like many I’ve watched it destroy the lives of people I’ve cared about and witnessed the devastating impact it has on surrounding family and friends. But I’ve also seen how far we’ve come in battling this condition year after year, and I’m hopeful that with more incredible work and research being done we could in fact be the first generation to witness the end of this deadly disease.

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