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Community Spotlight – Ashley (MissCanon)

As a volunteer at Game On Cancer, Ash has been a brilliant help and very loved member of the community! Ash also streams and is an amazing content creator!

What’s the first game you ever remember playing?

Sonic the Hedgehog on my SEGA at the age of 4/5

What is your favourite game currently?

Who can settle for one?? hahha

Raft, Dinkum and Life is Strange-True colors

What’s been one of your biggest or most exciting achievements streaming?

Anything that I have the opportunity to participate in with the XboxANZ team is always a highlight. Recently I attended the Xbox showcase in Melbourne, it was a truly phenomenal experience and a great insight to what the gaming industry can do. And of course getting on board with a charity that is close to my heart 😉

Who in the video game industry (or which game character) inspires you?

My friends in this industry and stream team pals are my true inspirations. Nothing will fill my heart more than watching them all succeed in their own way. Seeing them let their personalities soar and be true to themselves, witnessing them inspire others around them or achieve their own goals is something that keeps my passion alive.

Master chief will always be a character inspiration for me.The more that the game develops, the more real it becomes. Hard decisions, emotional attachment , loss, goal orientation and obviously being a badass.  

What are your other hobbies?

I’m a foodie, and being in Tasmania we have ample access to amazing venues. Myself and girlfriends will regularly travel the state and visit new sites to try out produce, live entertainment and of course… all the wine. I also collect Pop! Vinyls, play board games and cook.

Why is supporting cancer research important to you?

Like most, I’ve lost people in my life and know others who have lost loved ones too. I lost my best friend at 18 ,she was someone I wanted to share my life with and grow up with but we parted ways too early. She’s always been my driving force behind any cancer volunteer work that I do and always will be.

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